Our stay at St. Mary’s Shaftesbury

 Monday, 24th June 2019

We spent Monday at school. First we had a tour with the Spanish teacher and Valeria, a Mexican girl. We saw some of the classrooms: photography, art, English… .

Then we attended a Latin lesson. We played a game in order to speak and get to know the English girls.

Then we had lunch at the school canteen and in the afternoon we went to Shaftesbury where we saw “Gold Hill”, a picturesque street.

Tuesday , 25th June 2019

Today we’ve visited Stonehenge, so we have gone back 5000 years. It is the best-known Neolithic monument. They’re prehistoric stones where humans lived. This exhibition includes more than 250 archaelogical pieces.

After that we’ve left for Salisbury. We have had some time to have lunch and do some shopping. Next we have had a guided tour in the cathedral. It is a Gothic cathedral with Britain’s highest spire. We’ve also seen the Magna Carta, a document of 1215 which is considered a symbol of justice, fairness and human rights.

Back at school we have had a Treasure Hunt after supper with other school students. It’s been great!


Thursday ,27th June 2019

Today we’ve been to Bath, a lovely city quite different from the others we have visited, as most of the houses are made from the local golden-coloured Bath stone. Once there, we have been to the Roman Baths. The building we can see is from the 19th century and the baths are below the street level.

The Romans that occupied this part of the country built the baths using tons of naturally-heated water that rose to the surface. It was their meeting point to socialise and talk about politics.

Nowadays it isn’t allowed to drink or touch the water of the pool because it is dirty and could be dangerous, but we have taken a sip of the same water but treated and it was disgusting!

Then, we have gone shopping!!!😎 And we have spent quite a lot of money😉

After supper, we have seen a film with the rest of the English students in our house.


Friday 28th and Saturday 29th June

On Friday we went to a city called Bournemouth which is on the south coast of England. It was sunny and warm but very windy. We walked around the town, went shopping and spent some time in one of the gardens while we were listening to a girl playing the saxophone. Then, we went to the beach but didn’t stay long as the sea was rough and there was a red flag.

We finished the day with a relaxing beauty treatment of facial skin care and pedicure!!!


On Saturday we went back to Salisbury. We saw a militay parade as it was the Armed Forces Day. The city was crowded and it was very hot, about 29 degrees so we spent most of the day looking for shade. We found it in the gardens of the Cathedral where we had lunch.

Once at school and after packing our suitcases we saw a play performed by some of the students of St. Mary’s. It was great! The costumes, the acting… everything was perfect. We would like to do something similar in our school!









On Sunday we came back home. We had a good trip and we arrived in Donostia at half past six.

It’s been a great week: we have seen how boarders live, we have got used to the timetable for supper, the food and we have experienced what it is like to live without our mobiles from 10pm until breakfast!